I disse virustider fant jeg denne godbiten. Imotsetning til selskap som jobber med en vaksine har disse et produkt som Kina har satt inn i kamp mot Covid 19.


In addition, in collaboration with its partner, China Medical System Holdings Limited (CMS) (HKG:0867), a well-established, innovation-driven specialty pharma with a focus on sales and marketing in China, CytoSorbents has conducted the initial training of key critical care physicians at these hospitals in order to treat patients where indicated. The rationale of CytoSorb blood purification treatment in COVID-19 coronavirus infected patients is to control the “cytokine storm” and massive systemic inflammatory response that can lead to organ failure, such as lung failure and circulatory collapse, as described in this Washington Post article entitled, “How the coronavirus can kill people.” To date, the COVID-19 coronavirus has infected over 81,000 people, killing nearly 3,000 globally, according to the World Health Organization. Although the majority of cases have been in China, many new infections are being reported in countries around the world, including the United States, with Italy, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand reporting a recent surge in the numbers of coronavirus cases.

Allerede godkjent i en rekke land og Tyskland ser ut til å være største marked pr nå. Blir spennende å se om Tyskland får en lavere dødsrate enn andre land. Kan være en indikasjon på at dette produktet har livets rett.

The clinical features of the COVID-19 coronavirus, relationship to cytokine storm, and potential role of CytoSorb in treating patients suffering from severe coronavirus infection were described in the press release entitled, “CytoSorb, the Wuhan Coronavirus, and Cytokine Storm.Furthermore, the use of extracorporeal therapies, such as CytoSorb, were highlighted in a recent publication in Lancet Respiratory Medicine by Drs. Claudio Ronco, Paolo Navalesi, and Jean Louis Vincent entitled, “Coronavirus epidemic: preparing for extracorporeal organ support in intensive care.” Notably the authors state, “A sepsis-like syndrome might occur frequently due to the virus itself or to a superimposed bacterial infection and in this case, since pharmacological approaches have shown poor results, new extracorporeal organ support therapies including haemoadsorption and haemoperfusion, with new sorbent cartridges designed to remove cytokines and other circulating mediators, should be considered.” These publications provide the rationale to potentially use CytoSorb, the first specifically-approved extracorporeal cytokine adsorber in the European Union, in this setting.


Liker at selskapet er veldig «på hugget» nå med Corona. Viser handlekraft og visjoner.
Ekstra fart blir det selvsagt når/hvis FDA godkjenner, slik man har gjort i EU.

Produktet er nå på plass i Kina, klar til å behandle Coronapasienter.

Intervju med CEO hos Bloomberg på fredag etter stengetid.

Cytosorbents på nyhetene :+1::smiley:

Kjøp før FDA sier :+1:

Kan bli en fin åpning på denne i morgen da :slight_smile: Har du handlet?

Har 1400 stk :+1:

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Da tok jeg et lodd på 500 stk, så får vi se hvordan Cytosorbents utvikler seg fremover. Meget binært kan vi vel forvente… :wink:

Men synes det er meget positivt at de nå har erfaring både fra Kina og Italia, det vil nok være et godt argument i kampen om å bli utvalgt i US :slight_smile:

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Der kom den.

“The initial positive results seen with the use of CytoSorb are very encouraging, particularly reversal of shock, improved lung function, and weaning from mechanical ventilation. Should we continue to see these benefits, each of these has the potential to save lives and reduce the length of stay in the ICU – the two key objectives that will make the difference in this COVID-19 pandemic between a manageable tragedy versus an abject disaster in the U.S. and other countries worldwide.”

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Selger ikke før FDA godkjenning :smiley::+1:

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That said, within the past week, we have received many unsolicited requests for emergency use from hospitals all over the country and are in discussions with the FDA on how to streamline this process, enable access of the CytoSorb technology to as many U.S. hospitals in the least burdensome way possible, treat patients earlier in the disease progression to have the best chance of success, and to collect patient-level data that can be used to optimize treatment for future patients and potentially support fast-track regulatory status.

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«Acute necrotizing encephalopathy (ANE) is a rare complication of influenza and other viral infections and has been related to intracranial cytokine storms, which result in blood-brain-barrier breakdown, but without direct viral invasion or parainfectious demyelination»

Mer linker mellom covid 19 og cytokine storm

Nå snakker vi @Christian

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Well that lung failure is often driven by the cytokine storm, which causes the lungs to become leaky, allowing inflammatory cells, fluid and inflammatory mediators such as cytokines to enter the airspaces of the lung, essentially drowning the patient from inside out. And what CytoSorb is designed to do when used early enough is to try to prevent this catastrophic lung injury from happening, and in doing so, potentially help reduce the need for mechanical ventilation and help patients get off mechanical ventilation faster. And so we believe that this is a critical element in terms of managing a patient’s who are stricken by COVID-19 infection and hope to be able to play some part in that here in the United States as well as in many countries abroad.

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Der kom FDA approval for å bruke det til å behandle Covid…