Starter en tråd om WEBSTEP ASA (WSTEP.OL) siden en del har den i favoritt-listen eller i porteføljen sin :slight_smile:

Webstep ASA, together with its subsidiaries, provides information technology (IT) consultancy services to public and private businesses in Norway and Sweden. It offers digitalization, cloud migration and integration, Internet of Things, machine learning, and analytics.

The company also provides cloud services and infrastructure, security and mobility solutions, and robotics, as well as IT advisory and management solutions. It serves customers in food, banking and financial, oil and offshore, power and energy, telecom, and software industries.

The company was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

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Webstep ASA: Annual accounts for the financial year 2020

Webstep ASA: Proposed authorisations to increase the share capital

Webstep ASA: Notice of annual general meeting

Webstep ASA key information relating to the cash dividend

Webstep ASA: New Interim CFO appointed

Webstep ASA: Minutes of annual general meeting

Webstep ASA: Ex dividend NOK 1.60 today

Webstep er aksjen som kommer ut på topp av Investtechs algoritmer. Aksjen får en samlet poengsum på 97 på en skala fra -100 til +100, og er positiv på alle kriterier som inngår.

Webstep ASA: First quarter 2021 results presentation

Webstep ASA: First quarter results 2021

Webstep ASA: Grant of options to primary insider

Webstep ASA: Share investment programme for management employees and board members

Webstep ASA: Result of offer under share investment programme and share capital increase

Webstep ASA: Purchase of shares by primary insiders and close associates of primary insiders in share investment programme

Webstep ASA: Registration of new share capital

Webstep ASA: New Interim CFO appointed

Webstep ASA: Second quarter 2021 result presentation

Webstep ASA: Second quarter results 2021